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The Rut

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Well Yesterday was the first day of FAll, That means 7 to 21 days after the second Full moon.. The Rut will hit. It looks like 6-Day season this year could be in the Rut. I think it will hit the week before 6-day, just going by the past 5 years the Rut hit around the 14th day after Harvest moon ( the second full moon passed the First day of Autumn )
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Heck, all I know is that come Halloween, the magic begins.:D The last week of October and the first week of November are prime time.
The Buck I saw today was all over the Doe he was with I thought he was going to stick his head up her A$$. I can also smell the deer when they are coming in. I wonder if they might be starting early ?? Could that happen?
Yes it could, A lot of bucks came out of velvet early this year anythink can happen with Mother Nature.
I wonder if they might be starting early ?? Could that happen?
The rut starts as soon as bucks shed their velvet.

Does just don't become receptive until what we typically call the "rut".
Charles Alsheimer is calling for a later rut this year, around Thanksgiving will be peak breeding.

All I know is, it almost always starts to pick up around the 7th of November. What I do is I go spotting at night, and look for bucks hounding does. When you start seeing that, start sitting all day, or as often as possible. The peak chasing period is on. And thats the best time to use calls, and scent!In my opinion anyway![up]
Would scent work during this time of the year? Maybe like James Valley Gel (Curiosity)? or a light Doe in heat scent?
a light Doe in heat scent?'ll scare off any buck & DOE Way to soon for that

Maybe like James Valley Gel (Curiosity)
Yes & food scent will work too. Reg-DOE-Peee could help to relax other deer.
BHC you never left the rut from years gone by....
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