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Yesterday my son was able to fulfill his quest for a deer we've named the Reckoning Buck. Last year my son had an opportunity at this deer in early november. Unfortunately he drew a little early, the buck caught his movement and once he released his arrow the buck dropped quickly and we watched the arrow sail over his back. Jake was heartbroken as he trotted away out of our lives for the rest of the season. Jake talked about this instance often and when we saw this buck early season he was determined to get another crack at him and in his own words "make things right"
Well yesterday we went out around 1:00pm, even though the winds were cold and blustery they worked for our stand location. We had no action all day but with 15 minutes before last light a doe came running through being chased by a spike. She continued on but the spike stopped mere feet from our stand. As I stared in the direction the doe went I could hardly believe my eyes when I sighted this buck 50yrds away coming at a fast pace. As he closed to within 12yrds the spike ran away. The buck started walking again and when it went behind a big oak Jake stood up and drew simultaneously. The deer stayed behind the tree for a couple seconds[which seemed like eternity] then turned to walk back to where he came from. Quartering away from us the buck stopped at 17yrds, I hear the release go off and watch the arrow hit then hear the smack of it hitting the opposing shoulder. The deer drops to the ground, gets up stumbles a few feet and falls again never to arise. My son nearly came to tears in the emotion and adrenaline dump that followed. As we approached it became apparent that this was the very buck that eluded Jake last year. I'm proud of this young man, and glad he got his day of reckoning

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