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For those of you that might be interested feel free to visit my website
and see if several books I’ve written contain any topics you'd enjoy reading.

One book, "The New Age Hunter," covers what we'll need to do to ensure the future of hunting in the 21st century. Topics include: hunting ethics, fair chase, wildlife management, conservation practices, the ecosystem and how it relates to quality
habitat, hunting's origins as well as its future. It also provides an understanding of the
politics of hunting and exposes the anti-hunter and eco-terrorist agendas.

Unfortunately, we can no longer just be “hunters’ if hunting is to survive into the future, we must become “New Age Hunters.”

Another book is about my family’s big game safari in Africa (wife, daughter, son, and “grandma) titled “Take Me on Safari (A family Affair).” I also have a children's book based on wildlife characters called “Where is Wildbeary?” These books have been written to help get all family members exposed to hunting or the wonder of the outdoors.

This is just my attempt to help get the "positive" word out about hunting.

FYI - American Hunter magazine (published by the NRA) and several media critics have reported the hunting books to be “...inspiring,” “...masterfully written,” “...bold,” “...worth reading.”

Feel free to send me your candid comments and I will respond. Thanks for allowing me to use this forum to get the word out.

Best regards
Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
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