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A furry duffer drives golfers from their morning game
Saturday, December 03, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff
A roughly 200-pound black bear showed up near the 13th hole at the Darlington County Golf Course in Mahwah yesterday, forcing authorities to close the fairways and greens for the day.

The bear startled a ranger around 10:30 a.m., and golfers were asked to leave for their own safety, said Don Boccia, the golf course cashier who was in charge of the grounds when the bear was spotted.

Bergen County police chased the bear, hoping it would wander toward the Ramapo Mountains and avoid a nearby residential area.

One guy said, "WE HEARD HE WAS SCARY" bears aren't scary, they wouldn't hurt anyone or anything, honest they wouldn't Stu, and Lynda Smith said so, and they do know best
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