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Wanted to get my rifle permit to open up the doors for every kind of hunting this state has to offer no matter how restricted it is. Thought it was gonna be a bitch to get but to my surprise it was cake.

Decided to get it last Wednesday. Already took the hunter course via the Internet for bow and shotgun so I had a certificate but all the field test dates/sites were booked except for the "rifle" only field test in Clifton ?? which is almost 2 hrs away. If not for the good people with the NJ Hunter education dept. for allowing walk-ins today at the SJSC, I wouldn't have the hunting permit trifecta. So thank you! [up] Only took a 1hr muzzleload er lecture, 40 hunting safety questions and 20 rifle related questions. Done![smoke]

Dont know how a NJ rifle permit helps me for hunting in other states (Pa, NY, etc) but I'm pumped nonetheless!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Best time of the year with this weather...
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