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Thanks for all the Peep Sight Suggestions!

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Thanks to all that gave suggestions! What I ended up doing was trying a peep with a larger opening and just 2 strings to look through instead of 3. Well, I could either see clear or not at all. I finally just said the hell with it and took the peep off as some people had suggested here. The 1st 3 arrows at 15 yds were low and left. I then backed up and at 25 yds I was lower and further left. I made a sight adjustment and the PICS attached were the result of the 2nd set of shots at 15 and 25yds. The PIC you can see is at 15yds. The URL is 25 yds. I used my kisser button for an anchor as always, but my 2nd anchor was having the string just touching the tip of my nose. The results were very encouraging. I shot three more sets at each distance with similiar results. Its so nice to have a clear view at the target! Screw the peep sight!

Thanks again for insight!

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nice group of arrows.
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