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Well, disaster has been diverted!

It seems I was wrong about the 21st being the week of the free 3D shoot.

When I found out, I was pretty dissapointed, because I was planning a fun day of picnicking and shooting the course.

Well, the guys at NJDFW have come through. Paul Ritter (Director of Hunter ED) has agreed to let us use the course anyway. Provided we set it up and take it down that day.

I will be meeting with him in the coming weeks to go over the course layout, and any other important info.

Would anyone be interested in helping me to setup and takedown the course the day of the picnic?

Also, if I make up a flier, and post it on here, maybe others could print it up and drop it off at their local sports shop. Do you think that would work to spread the word?

Dragthor, I just want your "ok" to use the name on the fliers.

Special thanks to all the people at NJDFW (Paul Ritter, Miriam Dunne, Keith Griglak, Paul Tarlowe and the staff of Pequest) for helping to make this happen. Always willing to help, and always the friendliest bunch of people! [up]
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