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Tennesse Boar hunt (Pix)

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My dad and I just returned from a boar hunt in Tennessee at Spartan Hunting Preserve. Although it was a "hunting preserve" the hunt was more challenging and difficult than I expected. We both had a great time and were treated extremely well by Mitch Kemmer and his entire family. I took two (one rifle and one bow) and my dad took one with the rifle.

Me with my 340 lb rifle boar and dad with his 380 lb beast.

Mitch hauling my bow kill sow into camp with the tractor.

Another pic of my bow hog.

Me and the bow hog.

We dropped the meat off at Dietrichsfor processing on the way home and left the two boar heads with Jersey Jay's Taxidermy.

It was so much fun that I can't wait to do it again.:)
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Pretty cool.[up]
those are some big pigs. congrats and good eatin'
Nice hunt[up], what does it cost for just a bow hunt for a hog?

what does it cost for just a bow hunt for a hog?
The price was 800 for a "trophy boar". (rifle, bow, spear, shotgun or any way you wanted to take it) The meat hog I took with the bow cost an additional 350.
Looks like you had a good time....Congrats [up]
Looks like you had a great time and success as well, congratulations [up]

But sneakers . . . you hunted in sneakers ? ? ? [hihi][hihi][hihi]
Congrats Joe.[up]

But sneakers . . . you hunted in sneakers ? ?
Slightly different than your hunt Grit!!
But sneakers . . . you hunted in sneakers ? ? ?
Well, YOU may hunt in heels, but if he did, we'd start talking about him....[eek]
you hunted in sneakers ? ? ?
I knew somebody would pick up on that:D

Those pics were taken at the lodge after we were done hunting for the day. The place was muddy and had quite a bit of rain earlier in the week and boots were a necessity.
Nice going Joe! [up] Congrats to you and your dad! [up] Wish I could go on a pig hunt.
congrats again joe, nice pigs.

i just finished caping them, a little while ago, will have them out to the tannery next week.

nice to meet you, again.[up]
Congrats on the fine hog!!

Here is another TNSEE hog taken by Venisoneater with his pistol!


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nice job[up]
Nice Hogs!!
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