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Uncle Teds latest column on Human Events. For those with ADD (see previous threads where people complained about too much to read)I cut and pasted excerpts.

John Holdren is Prez O's top advisor on science and technology issues and a former Harvard professor. He is an environmental kook who advocated that trees and other forms of vegetation should have the right to sue in a court of law back in the 1970s. Who knows what goofy beliefs he holds today? Maybe he believes rocks, old fence posts, and worn out shoes have rights.
If Mr. Holdren is not kooky enough for you, try Carol Browner, Prez O's global warming czar. At one time this anti-American kook was listed as one of the 14 leaders of Socialist International, a whacky organization of international leftists who advocates "global governance." When appointed as the global warming czar, Prez O's team stated that they did not have a problem with her being a member of international socialist organization. The Dems big tent includes scary, dangerous loons. Lovely.
Then there is Van Jones, who is the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Now there is a bureaucracy that defines bureaucracy perfectly: useless, expensive and a burden on our economy. After the Rodney King verdicts were handed down, Mr. Jones stated to the East Bay Express that "I was a communist." He went on to form Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement in the 1990s, which held outrageous, anti-American values. Gentleman Jones remains dangerous and in charge.
Similar to Mr. Holden, Harvard professor and Prez O buddy, Cass Sunstein is a certifiable animal rights kook who stated in a 2007 speech at Harvard that he favored eliminating meat eating and banning hunting. He was also the editor of a book on animal rights that advocated that animals should be able to sue people. Prez O nominated Sunstein to be the nation's regulatory czar but his nomination has been slowed in the Senate confirmation process due to his goofy beliefs. Good. Nutcases like Sunstein have no place in government, or a logical, reasonable society for that matter. This nutcase needs to be in a round, padded room. Meanwhile, I'm having Bambi burgers.
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