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Team Yoda scores some points with a Button Buck

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Ok, so I'm a team of one. But despite that, I finally got my first deer with the bow... EVER! It was awesome. I had 4 or 5 deer come from behind me, practically right to my stand. I wanted to take out the lead doe, but a good shot never presented itself. I look to my right and see a perfect quartering away shot at a deer. I take the shot and it looked perfect. I saw the deer run for about forty yards and pile up.

Here's a pic:

Sorry if I was rambling but I'm still stoked about it.

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Congrat's on your first bow kill...[up] Many more to come
Congrats Yoda!!!!!![up] Good for you man!!![up]
Love the ice bags! congrats.[up]
Hey you popped your archery cherry, congrats [up]
Thanks guys! The crazy thing about the whole thing was after I shot him, a fawn that was with the group of deer that came in never took off with the others. I could have had a shot at it, but decided to let it go.

And Woj, you can't blame me for icing him. It was very warm Saturday in the noon - pm timeframe.

i know that. i shot mine at 4pm saturday. i iced it up as well.

good job!

Good job David!
CONGRATS...thats something you will NEVER forget.

Nice shot too![up]
Ah right Yoda!! Congrats man on your first![up][up]
dont mean to be negative again but cmon fellows were giving props to guys killing deer that weigh what my dog does and again another small buck, the reason we have to pay $ to go out of state to hunt is cause we are not giving our deer the chances to grow and become trophies i guess getting your first deer is exciting as i remember but not as if it were a large deer hell ive passed on deer twice that size this year already remeber cant eat the antlers lets give them a chance thank god for 3point rule in my zone
dont mean to be negative again but cmon fellows were giving props to guys killing deer that weigh what my dog does
Gonna have to agree with you on this one. I always try to p [no swearing please] on button bucks and small bucks. Since Pa instilled antler restrictions, I have seen a great difference in the bucks over the past 4-5 years. Congrats on your first deer, but next time try to p [no swearing please] so the future bucks have a chance
While I agree that people shouldn't be shooting the small bucks, I couldn't take a good sized buck without taking an antlerless deer first. You can thank NJ rules and regs for that.

Besides, I was just trying to crack the ice with this game we call bowhunting. I appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind.

You guys are going to give a fellow bowhunter crap for shooting his first deer?[confused] Great job guys..You gonna yell at my kid too when he shoots his first deer and its a button? Get off your high horses. This NJ not Illinois.
Thanks JJoe [up].

While I am ALL FOR TDM/QDM and practice it religiously by passing young bucks, and shooting lots of does. I will never bust someones hairy beanbag for their first deer. I dont think thats right.:(

Yoda, could you grin any bigger in your pics? :D Congrats again on the first bow deer. Its one to remember. Now that you got it out of the way, you can take a monster and show us all how its done! ;)[up]
Congrats on your first deer. My first deer was a button buck too.
I'm not sure. If I didn't I might have a permanent grin on my face rendering me to look like the Joker. And hey, I'll do my best to bag the big boy so I can make you all jealous :D

Thanks guys!

you canalso thank n.j. for having a very long deer season which there would have been plenty of time to take a doe also and yes my son who is 13 and just starting out already knows that its not the right thing to do
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