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Team Non-Typical (team 3)

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DEER DOWN!! Just got in from bringing my first doe of the season to the check station and butcher. Got her around 5:45. Now I am getting ready to harvest another for my BAD reqirement. I will be seniding pics to Bacs as soon as i get them loaded. Anyone have an update on how the rest of the team is doing thus far?
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way to go....congrats
Another one down for team 3. I will try to have everything in by tomorrow. I have to work, and my puter is acting funny so I may have problems trying to post it though.

Good job MS22[up]
Good job guys. Nice to get some points on the board. I think luknik has one down too, that should be 3 for 5 so far. Not seeing much down here, but once it cools off and they cut the corn, things will pick up.
MS, our team shows no points. I know you and Matty juts got deer, and I think luknik had gotten a doe earlier, so we should have some points on the board, but they don't count unless bacs gets the pictures.
I have yet to send bacs the pics. It is my bro's camera and he will load the pics later tonight and send them to me so I can send them to bacs. He will have them later on tonight. There will be points on the board soon!!!!
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