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Team Death From Above +5

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Chalk one up for Team " DEATH FROM ABOVE "

Story :
Saw deer
Shot deer
Tracked deer
Found deer
Dressed out deer
Tagged deer
Dragged deer
Checked in deer
Will eat deer ( soon )
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Congrats!!!!!!!!! Love the story!!![up]
Actually I actually saw about 30 deer before shooting this one, in 3 hours. I had to get a decent sized doe pointing in the right direction so when I shot she would not run towards the neighbors houses . Last year one died in a neighbors in ground pool [sad] They were somewhat pissed. Seven of the deer I saw were bucks, spikes and Y's. It's finally cooled off enough that I can start wacking some of these does.
hey i don't see any bumps (tumors) on that deer!:D
There were at least 3 on the bait that I saw with tumors on them. I wussed out and shot a " healthy " one. Next time I'll shoot one with the mystery bumps.
Congrats.[up] Did you call 911 after the shot:D:D :D
congrats nightstaker911, been out 4 times and have not seen a thing. Going again in the tomorrow.
nice work.[up]
Nice deer. Glad you took a health one for compsumption. I would be laughing if I saw a deer run into someones pool. Maybe a different story if were my pool.
Congrats on a nice doe. At least you can eat this one!!! lol
When you find out what those tumors are let us know. From the pictures there are many deer in your area that have them. Seems unusual.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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