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I'll be back in the woods around 3:30pm, Hopefuly Adding another deer to my list. Good Team & everyone else
Add another 5 to that will post pics mon or tuesday.[up]
Way to go guys !!!!! Congrats to both of you. I will hopefully be putting my points up once October comes !!!!
way to go LifeHog.... we be jammin now..
Total Points 10 as of Sunday 11 of September 2005
I'll be back out looking to bag another DOE or hopefuly a 10 point buck.....I might just take a velvet buck if one comes by...
I was going to go out tomorrow after work but 90 degrees is way to hot for me.[down]
Well it wasn't that hot out Today in wood where I was. AT 6:00pm a 6pointer still in velvet came walking out of the woods, I was about to get up and take a shot when more deer started to come in. I waited till 6:20pm when I got a shot at a DOE.... 2 Deer Down for me now... Still only 5 team points... Next one I hope is a buck, if not more DOE's are good. ALso looks like I'll be smoke up some venison this Saturday.
That a boy mystic. going out on wed. afternoon [up][up]
Excellent job Mystic, I want to video you some day, That would be great to see someone get a deer with a traditional bow!! [up]
IMB, I have video of the shot.... I wish I had video of me making the shot. Maybe oneday I'll take my wife and have her do it, or I'll take you up on the offer IMB.
Yeah let me know, I am always willing to tape other people, I have just as much fun taping as I do hunting.
Yeah let me know, I am always willing to tape other people
what kinda taping? are you talking about hunting here?:D
I'll tape the birth for ya, but by that time rolls around I might be an old man!!
yeah but you don't want to tape that...the wife wanted me to but i told her you don't want to see what it looks like down there after a

you wouldn't know about that yet imb.
Thats right, and If I have anything to do about I never will....
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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