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Teach your kid to shoot

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I’m posting it for a friend:
Dear NJ Hunters,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the youth rifle training program at Tenafly Rifle & Pistol Club, Grove St., Tenafly, NJ.
For the past 30 years, Joe Lally has run the youth training program at Tenafly R & P Club. For the past 2 years I and two other NRA certified instructors, Felix Tsimmerman and John Scarpantonio have helped Joe. This year has retired from the program.
Our program is a combination of the NRA, Basics of Rifle Shooting, and the Boy Scout merit badge program. We use the instructional materials from the NRA and the skill requirements in the merit badge pamphlet.
We maintain an inventory of .22 cal. rimfire bolt action rifles, ammunition, targets, and safety equipment for our program.
Our course is given on consecutive Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks. We start at 7:30 p.m. ending at 9:00 p.m.
The cl [no swearing please] begins with classroom instruction, followed by a shooting activity. Each student will fire approximately 120 round of ammunition for the course.

We have space for 10 students per class.
For more information or to reserve a place in our next or future classes, please contact me at 201-385-7817 or Felix Tsimmerman at 201-797-2887.


Hank Steinhoff
I need to add, that my son has attended this cl [no swearing please] last year and he loved it. He actually continued to train and then started to shoot in NRA high power matches in Cherry Ridge.
Hank, Felix and John are very experienced instructors. They create very safe and fun environment during every class. I think this is great and safe way to introduce kid to the shooting.
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Thanks for the info. Nugbuck. I'm calling right now to get my two involved.

I'm not sure. I think 7. You should call Hank to be sure.
Would you post when you do? Thanks
This sounds great!![up] When my kids are old enough I will have to give it a go! My daughter will be 7 next year...[up]
i work in Tenafly right by there. I should check this out one night.
I have a youth compound bow (left hand) with about a half dozen arrows for a beginner. Free if someone wants it or knows of a lefty beginner who is looking. I'm in Ringwood.

I believe its set up for a minimum weight draw at 26" arrows.
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