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That site even made my wife angry! She loves animals but understands how hunting helps not hurts the animals! She see's how much I care for nature and living things! These animal rights people need to open thier eyes and see whats really there!
My wife's father's girlfriend (still with me :D) is a big animal lover. She works on a horse farm, has several herself, takes in stray dogs and cats, and gives them medical attention and then gets them to good homes, can't stand to see any of those animal abuse stories on the news, and actually has come to tears over some of them. She is very passionate about animals, and...get this...loves the venison sausage I give them every year. She also is a big fan of the cheese steaks I make, and those little backstraps steaks on the grill. She has no problem with hunting, as long as the animal is utilized (and even likes to help use it ;)), and thinks there should have been a bear hunt years ago, and still today.

I only post that to make a point that not everyone who is passionate about caring for animals is against hunting, in fact, most people I've met that work in clinics for animals and such, are like her, and understand the need for hunting. It really is just the wacko fringe that form groups like this Stuart guy. Many people are indifferent about it, and those are the ones we need to win over, or at least not offend. The wacko's know it, and that's why they post pictures like the one in the try and sway those people who love animals, but don't hate hunting and hunters, to their side. Lets not give them any more ammo for that and keep our conduct clean.

Just to let you know what kind of people they are, I recently received an e-mail from Assemblyman Chiappone with some pictures he took of a sow and 3 cubs. They were sent out to a group of recipients, not just me. They were nices pics, and I responded saying I liked them, and I loved watching wildlife, which was a big part of the reason I hunt. I also stated that I like to eat venison, which was another big part of the reason I hunt. Well, don't ya know I started getting all kinds of hate mail, spam and porno stuff in my e-mail box. This guy, the Assemblyman must have given my e-mail address to all his anti-hunting friends and they sent some of the most virulent hate mail I've ever seen. The pornography spam was disgusting too. I didn't open it but some of it was to web site with teen sex and beastiality (I guess when they say they love animals, we know what they mean[down]). They ARE wacko's, and emotionally disturbed people, and that's something else the public needs to see.
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