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Got up in one of my stands here on the farm late yesterday afternoon. Sat there no more than 10 minutes when I saw movement in front of me. And there he was, 30yds. in front of me, presenting a classic broadside shot. I new the yardage to be 30yds. , so I drew my Switchback and placed the 30yd. pin directly on his shoulder and let the arrow fly. It hit excactly where I aimed. A double lung shot.He thrashed a little , but then all was quiet. My Switchback had scored it's first kill. The Spitfire broadhead doing it's job. Total penetration of the animal and then 6 inches into the ground.

I probably screwed up the rest of my deer hunt by shooting this ground hog, but I couldn't resist it.
Oh, and yes, this is one of my 30' + stands :D It's above the ladder.
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Good question JJoe,I was going to ask that also.
Never had groundhog but a lot of people I know have had it and said that it's excellent.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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