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Swap Pa and Jersey Hunts

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Hi folks Im new to this board. I mostly hunt Pa northern clearfield county to be exact.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping hunts..

Id like to hunt the jersey muzzleloader season with my flint...

I have a 3 bedroom rancher/ hunting camp in the middle of the moshannon state forrest in clearfield that we use for bear and rifle season....

Id also be interested in the other jersey deer seasons as well...
just something to expand my horizons a bit...

I have hunted s. jersey shotgun on public land and it was a nightmare! I have never seen anything like that!
if theres any interest let me know and ill give more details!
thanks in advance
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i'm originally from clearfield county...
i work in philly now with the police department...

i have taken 2 bear in last 4 years up there along with a 140 p&y buck and some average 8's

we take our bear hunting pretty serious and do alot of driving for them...

average at least 12-17 guys
my parents still live up there..

I'm not your "philly hunter" so to speak and yes i have seen the difference...

I just want to be able to go someplace with at least some woods and a fair shot of seeing some deer...
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Palawman30, I am interested in swapping hunts. Email Me. I'm up in Warren County just across the river from Easton, PA
Palawman, I am from Pa, And hunt Northampton, monroe, and bucks counties. If you wanna get together some time let me know
PALawman, thats a GREAT area out there.[up]

Do you ever hunt Parker Damn in tyler? Thats pretty close to Moshannon if Im not mistaken.

Great area out there guys....Its almost not fair to trade any Jersey hunt for the beautiful hunting out there. :p Monster bucks, monster bears, and monster can you get any better than that?

Take a look at my photo album PALaw, all those Elk pics are from state land out there.[up]

My father is from TYLER, Born and raised!!!! lol

I grew up hunting the dam area... My dads place is on caledonia pike!! We see Elk almost every day!!!

I know that whole entire area like some people know there own home...

thank you guys for the replies.. I really do appreciate it.. Its tough here in philly trying to find some decent hunting..

Like i said I want to hunt with my flinter...
and my bow

I have hunted the glassboro area wmu with my shotgun and bow before and it was PACKED!!!!

what do i need to hunt with my flint in jersey?
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NJ Hunting Lic & muzzleloader permit.....You just show your PA muzzleloader stamp when you get your NJ stuff.
Mystic Guido

You guys have mail!

My father is from TYLER, Born and raised!!!! lol

I grew up hunting the dam area... My dads place is on caledonia pike!! We see Elk almost every day!!!

I know that whole entire area like some people know there own home...
Wow, small world.[up]

My friend has a cabin on Tyler Rd, just before you get into Parker Damn SF. Caledonia Pike is one of the best areas out there, especially as you near Medix Run. Bell Hollow is also at that end right? Very well known for big bucks. The big bull elk are always around Benezzet. Its funny, because whenever we go out there, the tourists are always asking where they can see the elk. Thats crazy....If you go out there and dont see at least 30 cows, and a few bulls, you should visit the eye doctor! LOL.
Last year I stalked up on a herd of 7 cows and a big bull in SGL 34, took some pics, and then kept looking for the bears. Probably saw at least a hundred elk all together. A few were MONSTER bulls!

I just love that area out there!

Are you familiar with the "White Birch forest"? Thats a beautiful place as well, I bowhunted winter bow out there two years ago, and saw a bunch of deer. I was with my friend when he got a big fat doe out of there one of the last days of the season. It has to be the most white you could see.....I mean the trees are white, the sky has big fluffy white clouds, and snow covers the everything. Regular camo just doesnt cut it, and the deer stand out like a viagra overdose at a nudist colony.:D

Good luck this year PaLaw![up]
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Opening of Bow in PA is October 8th. If anyone wants to go let me know soon, since friends from back home wanna start making plans on where we are going.


Out of state license will cost you about $130.00 roughly,and I have plenty of doe permits to go around so dont worry about them. Here is the website to check out for your self
imb21 i live in pa, bethlehem twp i have a great piece of land in nj to hunt approx 400acres and only my 2 sons hunt it with me, last year only i hunted it, took a 137+ net 142+ gross 8 pt last year with the muzzleloader. i haven't hunted pa yet cause i don't want to travel 4 hrs to shoot a deer (potter cty etc), or have permission to hunt private land. i'd be willing to take you with me for a hunt. the land i hunt was sold and i was in touch with the new owners today, one said no problem, and the other doesn't mind but they have to p [no swearing please] it in front of the board members. they want to build a development there, but i told them if they want electricty they have to go thru me, as i design all the electric in kingwood twp. so i told them i'd go out and post the property this sat, opening day bow, and they were so far all for it. which opens up another side to hunt which hasn't been hunted in the 7 yrs i've been hunting the property. lookin good !!!!!!!!!!!!
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palawman30 same goes for you as imb21 shoot me an e mail
Gypsy Im more than interested...
Shoot me one also!!!

[email protected]
Palawman, where are you at in PA? and what town are you a police officer?
I work and live in philly...

Im originally from clearfield county, pa...
We still have a place in the middle of the moshanno state forrest which totals i believe around 140,000 acres...also numerous game lands surround us... Theres hardly any posting within 10 miles every direction... Its really just alot of open/ huntable land..

where are you at in jersey?
I live in Cedar Grove, But I am from Easton, PA Northampton county
Heres a pic from bear season. The bear on left is one i shot.... bear on right is one my cousin (pictured) shot... Both last day of Pa bear season
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any of you jersey guys want to swap hunts?

I have hunted Pa my whole life... Almost all clearfield county...I have a place there that can hold 10 -12 guys comfortably

looking for some bowhunting and muzzleloader opportunities in exchange for our rifle bear and deer season...
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