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Survey: On foot or in the trees

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I like to hunt on foot (still hunt).

I recently had a discussion about bow-hunting with someone who claimed that the Eastern Whitetail could't be bagged while 'still hunting', espescially the NJ variety.

He believes that the treestand at least 18 feet up is the best way and the ground blind a distant second. He also mentioned that NJ whitetails are 'spookier' than any other state because of their proximity to people. I call BS.

I'm sure there are several bow-hunters in NJ that have bagged bucks or does while on foot.


1) do you limit yourself to the trees?

2) afraid of heights - stay on foot?

3) do both?
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Greats responses!

Interesting to see when some choose to stalk vs tree.

I agree that when the leaves have fallen its probly not a good time to do it. Right now the leaves are just beginning to turn, the morning dew will have softened the earth for subtle foot work.

Good post Matty!
I mostly hunt from a treestand, (10 to 15 feet) this year I'm going to try still, spot & stalk, ground blind. Have to try different things.... Hell I'm hunting with a Long Bow & Cedar Arrows this Year.
MG - while I was in Texas I kept thinking that a longbow or recurve would have been to my advantage during the stalk. Carrying a compound prior to setting up the shot is a lot of weight. After an hour or two hour stalk arm fatigue was a problem.

I'm looking at getting a long or recurve in the near future.
My only still hunting experience (with success) has been in South Africa, Texas and Florida.

The terrain, wind, cover will dictate how you move.

You need to set up a game plan and always think options. Its amazing how well you begin to pick up 'details'.

Still hunting is exactly that: be still!

I figure early bow will present good still hunting opportunities based on lack of fallen leaves.

The forecast for next Saturday is Rain - that should improve odds.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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