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Survey: On foot or in the trees

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I like to hunt on foot (still hunt).

I recently had a discussion about bow-hunting with someone who claimed that the Eastern Whitetail could't be bagged while 'still hunting', espescially the NJ variety.

He believes that the treestand at least 18 feet up is the best way and the ground blind a distant second. He also mentioned that NJ whitetails are 'spookier' than any other state because of their proximity to people. I call BS.

I'm sure there are several bow-hunters in NJ that have bagged bucks or does while on foot.


1) do you limit yourself to the trees?

2) afraid of heights - stay on foot?

3) do both?
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I almost aklways hunt from trees. The height of my stand depends on the spot. Preferably I like to be about 15-20 ft. but I do have stands as low as 10ft. feet in some very tight cover and as high as 30 ft. in open woods.

As for hunting from the ground, I did that for nearly an entire season a few years ago when i had a broken leg. Was pretty funny really, I had a sling around my bow so I could carry it into the woods while using my crutches and had a little folding seat attached to my fanny pack for easy transport.
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