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finally had a day off and with the warm temps and well...not having a bow atm...decided to head to the beach and see if I could get into some of the crazy striper fishing the tackle shops have been talking about. headed down to a familiar area and was on the beach by 515am with a low tide. I ventured out onto a bar a threw a needle for a short while but wasnt all that comfortable on the bar in the i headed north in search of some fish at day break. in the dark i threw the needle some more...might of had a bump but not sure, the wind was honking pretty good from the ESE and made contact tough sometimes.

as the sun rose there were birds starting to fly around....lots of activity. I fished a spot with another guy or two and a bait fisherman caught a 10lb blue. down the beach I see a guy hook up with a fish and lose it after about 15 seconds. I knew what type of structure he was I headed to a spot down the beach I knew was deep and had that type of structure...if they were holding it id be on fish for sure...

I got to the area...some birds start diving in front of me...I see some boils. Im throwing a t-hex with a chartreuse teaser up top and am not getting a sniff. real quick I try a needle...nothing! Finally I slapped on an AVA17 with green tube and put on a white teaser. bingo. first cast a bump. second cast THUMP and my rod is bent nicely. Fish is fighting hard, and gives my new stradic 5000s drag a test. after about a minute battle a nice fat 37" bass is on the beach. A quick pic and I am back at them. for the next two hours I picked away at schools of bass that seemed to come in and out...all coughing up sandeels. Even got a double! caught a total of 16 bass and a monster bluefish that was all of 15lbs. picture gives it no respect haha. I only kept one fish, threw back another 7-8 keepers. all others swam off healthy :)

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