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Supreme Court BS!!

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I would like to know how a person being chosen for the Supreme Court Of The United States could get away with saying she would let her heritage influence her decision as opposed to what the laws read?

I would also like to know how she could say the 2nd amendment is not a states right? Would that not be like saying the 1st amendment is not for the individual?
I guess the word people does not refer to those living in the state.

Last, I am uneasy. Uneasy at the statements she is on record saying, uneasy at the issues we have as Americans with insecure Boarders, uneasy about the giving away of what people have worked so hard for, and the disregard for Freedom.

Freedom is not telling everyone how they should be like you, but rather having choices and the ability to make them. From PETA right on down to the current administration and the nominee for the Supreme Court, I am appalled at the Politicians letting our freedoms become part of the voting war for their party based on race, religion, and sex.

People are put into power to uphold the constitution and make the hard decisions. Like the case of the firemen in CT where they scored high on an exam and were not promoted on merit, but denied on race!!!

My eye water to think of this America. The America where I was taught it was not what you look like, but grades, hard work, and dedication to following the law. Understanding you may loose, but to win you must work harder or find something you are good at, not changes the rules so those who work hard have to give the blood and sweat to those who choose not to sacrifice.

We all have the promise of obtaining the American Dream. We do not have the guarantee to have it handed to us.
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