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Sunday fishing 6/19

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Hkdonfishin and I are going out sunday morning, down to atlantic highlands I think....Anyone else wanna get out for fathers day???
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What boat are you going on? I'll be down with my wife in our yak. Probably drifting by the bug light or Coast Guard Station. Possibly head over to Earle depending on the wind and traffic.
Watch yourself around Earle. Too close and $500.00 fine. EVEN in a yak!
Not sure where we are going, i have never been down there, would have to wait and see from hkdonfishn
Sea Tiger II out of Atlantic Highlands
i dont know nothing when it comes to saltwater LOL
i agree with 35wheelan...the sea hunter is a great boat is getting out of the shop sat. so i may or may not go sunday...I had to put in a new aerator pump...if your out on the water Sunday look for a 19 mako with a t-top...havent had time to put a name on it yet even though its been 5 years!!!!!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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