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However... I am cautious and suspicious if the Sunday Bow Hunting bill gets passed.


Because its politics. I bet "they" give us Sunday hunting so that they take away the F&G Council's authority (give it to the commish via A3728).

The freaking Dems and GOP always make deals like this at our expense.

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A3736, Sunday Bowhunting on WMA's & Private Property, has been reported out of Committee favorably with a 4-0 vote!

You should contact, by letter or phone, the following Assembly and Natural Resources Committee Members and thank them for supporting A3736. Please state, or note, that you are a member of the United Bowhunters of New Jersey when contacting State Legislators. Your actions make our voice strong!!!

Chairman Robert J. Smith (Also thank him for Sponsoring the Legislation)
129 Johnson Road
Suite 1
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Assemblyman Douglas H. Fisher
Kingsway Commons
935 Kings Highway
Suite 400
Thorofare, NJ 08086

Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer
2110 W. County Line Rd.
Jackson, NJ 08527

Assemblyman John C. Gibson
719 East 11th St.
Suite 7A
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Members from Burlington and Camden Counties are asked to contact Assemblyman Herb Conaway and ask that he support A3736. He abstained from voting on the bill. He can be contacted at:

Assemblyman Herb Conaway
Delran Professional Center
Suite 125
8008 Route 130 North
Delran, NJ 08075

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We need to contact, by letter or phone, Assembly Speaker Albio Sires and ask that the bill be considered for its third reading and final vote. This letter should also be sent/CC'ed to Assemblyman Joseph Roberts, Jr. the Majority Leader.

Honorable Joseph Roberts, Jr.
Brooklawn Shopping Plaza
Route 130 & Browning Rd.
Brooklawn, NJ 08030

Use this letter to contact the Speaker:

Honorable Albio Sires, Assembly Speaker
303 58th St.
West New York, NJ 07093

Honorable Mr. Speaker,

I am requesting that you consider A3736; which would allow Sunday bowhunting for deer on State Wildlife Management Areas and Private Property for it's
third reading and final vote. This legislation is sponsored by Assemblyman Robert Smith.

These are the Individuals and Organizations on record as supporting A3736:

Bradley Campbell - Commissioner of the DEP (sent a letter to the AAN Committee hearing in full support of A3736)
Martin McHugh - Director of the Division of Fish & Wildlife
United Bowhunters of New Jersey
New Jersey State Federation of Sportsman's Clubs
US Sportsmans Alliance
Audubon Society of NJ
Bergen Bowman, inc.
Jersey Coast Anglers Association
Recreational Fisherman's Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Congress
Ted Nugent USA NJ
Ocean County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
Hunterdon County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
Monmouth County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
Mercer County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
and the Traditional Archers of New Jersey


Your Name Here
Your Address Here
YourTown, NJ Your Zip
(***) 555-5555
CC: Joseph Roberts, Jr., Majority Leader

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You can find your State Representatives here

This is a letter that you can use when contacting your local legislators, just change the bold parts to fit your specifics. Change the wording around
some so that they aren't receiving the same exact letters. You are by no means limited to this letter, and should feel free to write your own if you choose to.

Any responses should be forwarded to Brian Dolobacs at [email protected] and John Hoinowski at [email protected]

Assemblyperson So-and-So
Street Address Here
Any Town, NJ 08555

Honorable Assemblyperson So-and-So,

Assemblyman Robert Smith has sponsored legislation that would allow the hunting of deer with a bow and arrow on Sundays, A3736. This is legislation that I feel would be beneficial to New Jersey, the Division of Fish & Wildlife, and New Jersey's Sportsmen and women.

I am an avid bowhunter, and as you can imagine, I have great interest in this legislation. This legislation could, in some cases, double the amount of time that bowhunters get to spend in the field. The Division of Fish & Wildlife knows that bowhunters are playing an ever-increasing, and effective, roll in deer management in New Jersey. In 2003 bowhunters harvested 2,000 more antlerless deer than modern firearms hunters (shotgun). Bowhunters have proven to be a viable and effective management tool, and in a state as developed, crowded, and with as much vehicle traffic as New Jersey has, this is a fact that cannot be overlooked.

These are some brief points of Sunday Bowhunting for deer;

* Sunday hunting could effectively double the amount of time that most hunters have available to participate.

* The Division of F&W feels that this added opportunity would spur bow and arrow license sales.

* Private landowners would still have the right to say no to Sunday bowhunting if they wanted to.

* Sunday Bowhunting would take place on State Wildlife Management Areas and privately owned land only.

* Bowhunting is quiet, there is no noise associated with it.

* This legislation will allow the non-hunting public to use State Parks and Forests on Sundays, free from fear of hunters being in the woods while they do their fall hiking and bird watching.

I support this legislation, and as your constituent, I am asking that you support A3736 when it comes before the full Assembly for a final vote. I would like to thank you in advance for your time, attention, and consideration of this issue.


Your Name Here
Your Address Here
Any Town, NJ Your Zip
(***) 555-5555

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This will have nothing to do with the F&G Council Legislation.

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Audubon Society of NJ supports it? That's huge. First, they supported the Mountain Lakes Sunday bow hunting?
The Audubon society ranks deer and cats as the biggest threats to songbird populations. They have funded much of the science that has been done in the last 10 years on deer density and impact on forest health.

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How many of you guys just woke up from a coma?
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