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MADISON, N.J. - Researchers plan on testing a new type of birth-control drug on a deer herd in Morris County, in hopes of finding a way to control the booming deer population.

The deer in the study will be injected with a Gonadotropin-releasing hormone called GnRH which should make them sterile for three to five years, possibly even longer if the deer is injected a second time.

The Fish and Game Council has already approved the study which will be carried out by a Connecticut-based company, White Buffalo Inc.

If successful, the drug could be used around the state to curb a whitetail deer population that causes damage to crops and presents a frequent hazard to motorists.

A deer contraceptive is especially needed in suburban, more densely populated areas of the state where hunting is not a practical solution.

Morris County Freeholder Director Jack Schrier has been a key supporter of alternatives to hunting to cull the deer population.

"This is an issue that affects people throughout Morris County profoundly and will continue to do so unless we find an alternative to hunting," Schrier said.

He is pushing for $5 million in federal money to develop a safe, durable and easy-to-administer deer contraceptive formula that would only need to be administered once.
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