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Strange noises at night

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The past few nights i have been hearing these strange noises being made by some animal in the woods behind my house. The noise can be best described as a loud shrieking sound. It is really loud and goes on for a few mins. I have no idea what it is and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
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Do you live by OutlawJT?
Loud shrieking is kind of a vague description but if I had to venture a guess, I would say is a fox kit or an owl.
Racoons, I have them behind my house and when they fight or get in the mood to get a little they get real loud. And the sound is shrieking :D
Nice dig, Woj!!!!:D

Have you been peekin' in my windows again?!?!?!?![smirk]

hkdonfishn is RIGHT on the money!!!

Sounds like a raccoon or possum gettin' some!!!!

Also, it could be cats, as cats will shriek when mating because there is a hook/barb at the end of the males "member", that upon extraction causes the female to ovulate, but also causes her great pain.

This may be the same for raccoons and possums.[confused]

"During the sexual act the female cat crouches in front of the male cat who mounts her and grabs hold of the scruff of her neck with his teeth. The male cat then kneads the female's sides and moves his pelvis in rapid thrusts until ejaculation occurs.

Afterwards, as the male withdraws, the female utters a loud cry. Some think this is a cry of ecstasy because the female is usually ready to mate and will do so soon again. Others think it is a cry of pain because the penis of the male cat is barbed. Scratching of the vagina may also be the stimulation need that begins ovulation. This mating period usually last four to seven days."

I hope none of all y'all get excited over reading this!!!:D
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Do you live near Franklin Lakes? We have reports of the same sound and audio tape to back it up. We are waiting for video and numerous people report a large brown cat with a long tail.
i wish i could describe it better but id have to tape it and play it for you...oh well...i might try the fish and game ro somethin

- The last part of my e-mail is NOT a joke...

It is a "true fact", especially the parts starting from the word "Also" to the words in quotes (taken from a website about cat mating - I had also learned about the male cats anatomy and mating rituals in an Anatomy cl [no swearing please] in high school when we were disecting a few cats as part of our cl [no swearing please] project!!!!) .

I have the same problem with hearing those "shrieks" at night, every year with my neighbors damned cats (as you can see, I am NOT a cat lover!!!), and possibly raccoons and possums goin' into heat and mating !!!

The sound is horrifying, and it kinda' sounds like the sounds that would be made by the real Tazmanian Devil animal(and somewhat like that of "Taz" in the Looney Toons cartoon)!!!!

Check this out:
Wildlife of Tasmania - Mammals of Tasmania -Tasmanian Devil

Take a listen to the vocalization of the devil and you will see what we mean! (click on the website above and listen to the sounds this thing makes....Now Imagine it at a higher pitch and there you have it!!!)

The eerie call of the Tasmanian devil is a sound you will never forget!

The Tasmanian devil cannot be mistaken for any other marsupial. Its spine-chilling screeches, black colour, and reputed bad-temper, led the early European settlers to call it The Devil. Although only the size of a small dog, it can sound and look incredibly fierce.

(Click upon the movie at the above website to view (4.2Mb)

The world's largest surviving carnivorous marsupial, the devil has a thick-set, squat build, with a relatively large, broad head and short, thick tail. The fur is mostly or wholly black, but white markings often occur on the rump and chest. Body size also varies greatly, depending on the diet and habitat. Adult males are usually larger than adult females. Large males weigh up to 12 kg, and stand about 30 cm high at the shoulder.

Devils are famous for their rowdy communal feeding at carcasses -- the noise and displays being used to establish dominance amongst the pack.

Tasmanian devils are nocturnal scavengers
The devil is nocturnal (active after dark).

The devil makes a variety of fierce noises, from harsh coughs and snarls to high pitched screeches. A sharp sneeze is used as a challenge to other devils, and frequently comes before a fight. Many of these spectacular behaviours are bluff and part of a ritual to minimise harmful fighting when feeding communally at a large carcass.

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It's probably just a bear eating some "companion animals" or livestock alive. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt the bear...
Real shrill sound almost like a baby was getting killed? Makes the hair standup on your neck when you hear it? If you answered yes I'd bet a fischer cat.
I'd say it's a rabbit being part of the food chain. Owls will hunt the same area until the young are taken.
I hate to be the one to correct all you fellow hunters. What you are hearing is the inbreeding of Black Bears and Chupacabras. Black Bears have been put on notice of an impending bear hunt in 05' so the interbreeding of a closely related individual cl [no swearing please] of animals that don't exist in the Republic of NJ, would eliminate the need of a hunt in the future for Black Bears. What we are going to see in the near future is a new cl [no swearing please] of animals. The DFW or is it the DEP, I'm really at a loss here, anyway by altering their genes all the animals lovers will be thrown of balance, they won't be seen Black Bears so no need to protect Black Bears. It would be a thorough renovation of a new specie of animals, passive during the day, but deadly at night. Our job is to come up with a new name for this new species of animals. It would be our contribution to the state protectors of our wildlife, who ever they are.
So here goes my contribution CHUPABEAR
It's not a rabbit being eaten, in fact it's not a distress sound at all. I know exactly the sound that you are talking about, I heard it a couple years ago late at night,eerie [no swearing please] sound. I asked many differant people but no one seemed to know what it was. I was thinking maybe a lynx.
I hear the same sound while deer hunting. One time very close. Definately not a lynx, though how I wish. My vote is something trying to get dinner, dinner making the shrills. However I have heard deer make similiar sounds. Maybe while being approached by a predator or even me.
Hanging around the station one night after a moose vehicle collision at 1 AM.... We were drinking coffee with a fish and game officer. We kept hearing a shrill noise as I said before it sounds like a baby being killed, raped etc..( sorry can only imagine what it would sound like)made the hair on your neck stand up. It was in the late spring as well. Told it was a fischer cat looking for it's kin. It is a sound you will never forget especially if it is your first time hearing it. Not sure if NJ has fischers.
Go to they have all of the owl sounds.
I was camping one time with a bunch of people and at night we heard this strange screeching sound. we've never heard this before. the next morning we woke up and heard the noise again. we got out of our tents and there was a pea [no swearing please] in our site. Have any of you guys heard a peacock? man what a nasty sound. it goes right through you.
Woj - Pea [no swearing please] in your campsite?

Come on man, and fess up - You made it scream like that!!!

Wasn't your wife enough for ya?!?!?!?!??!:D:D:D[smirk]
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