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Story of my first bow buck

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I slept over my moms friends house to hunt the 13 acres they got behind the house. I woke up at 5:30 and was ready to go in the woods by 6.I was in the stand at about 6:30. I was surprised not to see anything at first light but around 8:00 I seen 2 or 3 deer about 80 yards away to my left walking away from me. I have no idea where they came from they just appeared. Then about 8:20 I look behind me and see a few deer walking a trail 50 yards away. I wasnt expecting the deer to be behind me so i had the wind in my face and the lead deer ( my buck) Winded me and started snorting and took off up the hill and kept snorting. The other deer just looked around and stomped thier feet for about 5 minutes then started walking back they way they came. Then the one that took off comes back and comes within 35 yards and I turned around and waited for a shot and i released. All the deer just scattered and i couldnt tell which one was him or if he was even hit.
So i waited till 9:30 and got down to look for my arrow and instead of my arrow i seen a white belly about 50 yards from where he was standing. No tracking at all, it was great. Sorry it was so long but thanks for listening.
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