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Still dont know what to do!?!?!?!?!

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my head has been spinning over the last few weeks over these topics..

I am in the market for a new shotgun and a hand gun..and i dont know what to get in either category

lets start with the shotgun...

I wanted the 11-87 supermag for the longest time but ...I went out and shot one a few weeks ago..and it wasnt thrilled with it. :( I really thought i would like it more then i shouldered pretty good but it just didnt feel good moving from target to target for some reason...
Then i tried a Winchester sx3...i liked it more than the 11-87 but still didnt feel right..but i really did like it, nice and light weight...i dont wanna waste my money on something im not gunna like and what doesnt feel good to me.

here is the problem. I wanted an auto-loader since i duck hunt ALL THE TIME. I cant find one that feels right. [wallmad]

the two i thought i would love im not in love with..yes they are nice and i shoot them well but they dont fit like my 870 wingmaster changing guns because i want to shoot 3.5 magnums for geese and turkey..also want a more rugged shell on the gun.

I was at DICKS :)p) last week and i shouldered a Benelli Super Nova. I know its a pump but it felt really nice and so did the SPR 453 Remington. here lies the problem guys...should i just say screw an autoloader and get the benelli? I love pumps, but i wanted an autoloader so it makes it easier moving from bird to bird since them ducks can be pretty tricky. I also liked the spr 453 but i heard they were crap autoloaders since they aint a real Remington gun....

thats my first problem.

second problem...

Handgun...i want a sig sauer...they feel soooo nice. but i just held and played with a S/W 357 the other day...and that was an awesome gun. I know i have to go shoot them at a range..but should i spend all the extra dough for a sig or just go with a cheaper gun that i really like. (s/w)

I think this is really confusing me since i am thinking about both at the same time :D
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Did you look at the SB 11 ? Awesome for waterfowl
Did you look at the SB 11 ? Awesome for waterfowl
looked at one...havent shot one..and not sure if i put up that kind of dough if imma get a handgun too..

i really need the shotgun way before the handgun though...what to do..[confusedagain]
i just held and played with
i thought i would love
I was at DICKS
You're scaring us.[hihi]

Get a Beretta Extrema II, a P229/.40 cal and a nice girlfriend....then you won't have any money left to worry over such material things for a long time.[up]
I went from an 870 to a 1100 then I borrowed my brothers SB 1. Thats all it took for me, bought the SB11 for the next year. Just my 2 cents,they are worth it.
i really need the shotgun way before the handgun though
Theres your answer [up]
I also liked the spr 453 but i heard they were crap autoloaders since they aint a real Remington gun....
The SPR 453 is a russian Baikal MP 153 with a remington logo. I have an MP 153 and its a great gun. I was skeptical when I bought it but I wanted a 3.5" auto without investing a bunch of money so I bought one. It has never malfunctioned no matter what I fed it and it shoulders great. My only complaint is that all my choke tubes are extended tubes so with the 28" barrel the extension makes it tall enough that it is a pain to get in/out of the safe. If they had flush tubes I would have nothing to complain about.
i just got an H&R 20 ga. [up][up][up]
with all the mud,muck,grit,grime and nasty weather that makes waterfowl so much fun...i would stick with a pump i personnely think there more reliable in those conditions
Save your money, buy an SBEII ... you'll be glad you did. Buy the handgun in another year or two ... and buy exactly the one you want in that department too. Buy ONCE and buy the best. You'll not regret buying the best, but you often will if you compromise.
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