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stihl chainsaw f/s

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stihl ms 290 with 20" bar, i bought it right b4 christmas of 2008, saw is in great shape, probably only ran 10-15 tanks of fuel in it, its a great saw, however i need more power so im gonna buy a 361 or a 441, comes with case, oregon power match bar, and stihl bar, scrench holder, and 3 chains, which i will try to sharpen before i sell it. 375$ firm

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Saving my milk money for a 361. I'll think about it. $380.00 will get me a new 290.
$380.00 will get me a new 290.
yea this is like new and it comes with some extras

Saving my milk money for a 361.
they are supposed to be bada$$ saws, i held one yesterday, it was so light
husqvarna is the only way to go id give you 275 for the saw there 350 brand new
as far as husqy and stihls go, they are both great saws, ive ran them both, its like a ford/chevy thing, i myself like stihls,
and nope cant take 275, and they are 380 new with a 20 inch bar at evey dealer around here, maybe 350 for one with a 16 inch bar
shoot to kill your right i was thinking a loweer model sorry but i know this saw is a great saw guys jump on this saw they will last forever great firewood saw
Good luck selling, anyone who buys will be very happy. I have an 031AV from the West Germany plant. Bought it from my wife's grandfather 16 years ago, cut well over 100 cords with it and can still start it with 2 pulls!
stihls are great saws... ive seen them taje quite a beating...i perosnally like the 460[up] great saws
i perosnally like the 460
my dads got a 460, its a beast
bump, i really dont wanna put this thing on craigs list or ebay, or local want ads
what is the reason for the Oregon bar?
what is the reason for the Oregon bar?
had a 50 dollar gift certificate to baileys and had to use it, so bought the bar and scrench holder and a lot of people i cut with all have the same saw with the stock bar, so i also bought it to stand out from the other saws, there is nothing wrong with the stihl bar, and actually i think the stihl bar cuts better
and im pretty sure i just sold this saw(nobody from site), guy wants to check it out and use it on saturday
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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