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Starts snowing here in Salem County!

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It started snowing about 1:30am here.
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I was up at 3am and looked out at the snow
Snowing here in Hopatcong. Looks like were gonna have a White 6 day.
Still snowing here in Jefferson Twp. (Morris County... right before Sussex County on your way up driving on Rt. 15)
same here in Lodi, Bergen County maybe 1-1/2"....perfect for tomorrow[up]
I went out scouting yesterday... the ground was so freaking crunchy... I bet the animals can hear me coming a mile away.

Also... people can follow your tracks in the snow to your treestand. [down]
stopped just an hour ago in my town...i got like 3 inches..
Hope some of it stays in Salem,hunting there and doesn't melt tomorrow and even an inch would be real nice! [up]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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