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Spy House pier Raritan Bay

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If anybody is interested, I went fishing there Sunday 6-7-09. Some keeper fluke and a lot of sea robins
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Did you see any of the ghosts on the Spy House property? It's listed as one of the top haunted places in the U.S.
oh no...I only go there during the day...[lol]...I forgot to metion...the Friday before guys were fillin coolers with blues
I was also there sunday, but in a kayak, caught about 30 fluke, but only 4 keepers. and sea robins.
I was also there sunday, but in a kayak,
Where did you launch from?
There is a county parking lot about a 1/4 mile from the spy house, easy trip over to the belford channel, and the flats on both sides. during the week you have to be careful of the ferry , it leaves a big wake, and don't go too close to the ammo pier, they will come out and chase you off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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