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Spring Turkey Season 2005

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Anybody plan on hunting in zone 15 this season? I haven't been out scouting yet, I usually wait till the flocks start to gather.
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Yea, hunting pressure in South NJ has really picked up for turkeys. The last fours years I've applied for either A week, or the Saturday segment for the first lottery and only gotten my permit once. Hoping to do better this year, but it seems like whether I apply for A week, or Saturdays, I don't get drawn. I know alot of hunters who didn't get the Saturday segment last year, and it's getting harder to find private land to hunt turkeys on, just like deer.
NJ B ...what zones do you hunt in for turkey?
zone 20 or 21, this year I just applied for zone 20.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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