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Space farms zoo whitetails

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Wifes away taken her son to Arizona so I'm Mr. Mom this week. Took the kids to space farms, He's got a real nice 9 pt up there, real high rack might score 140. Also had a small 7 and a small 4. But that 9 was enough to get my juices flowin for this season. Boy the thoughts going through my head as i was hand feeding him corn. HAHAHA
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I'm surprised they did'nt escort me away either. I even had on a shirt that said SAVE A TREE HARVEST A BUCK, with a big buck rubbing a tree. Kids loved the deer the most though they so take after me in that area. they also liked the bears, and after seeind Fallow and Sika deer i'd like to hunt them also. They had a great Follow buck there double drop tines and one hell of a rack. I'm acually getting my bows down now, went to cabelas web sight and ordered 2 new lockons from the bargin cave, the strongbuilt warrior is a great deal for 99 bucks.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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