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Had a similar situation the other day too. My son and I went down on my lower property in the woods. He was riding his quad on the track we built and I was hanging out watching him when I saw 2 cubs fleeing up a tree 30 yards from my son. The mother was very agitated, she stood up at the base of the tree as I waved my son over to me. She was very anxious and running back and fourth near the tree the cubs went in. At one point she started walking away then turned and charged but stoped about 20 yards from us. She did this routing twice before we were able to leave. Once the cubs go up the trees the mom aint leaving. This can create a dangerous situation. In our case we drove right past them heading in to the woods and never saw them. The mother was pretty much blocking our way back out or we would have left sooner. Very uncomfortable situation.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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