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South Dakota NWTF Volunteers Recognized at NWTF Convention
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The South Dakota State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation was recognized for hosting the best state chapter Wheelin' Sportsmen event in the nation during the NWTF's annual Convention and Sport Show, held in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 19-22.

The NWTF's Wheelin' Sportsmen outreach program offers outdoorsmen and women with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors through events hosted in communities across the nation. Whether it is shooting, hunting, fishing or archery, there is no limit to the outdoor opportunities the NWTF's Wheelin' Sportsmen can bring to a person with disabilities who is eager to get outside and participate in an active lifestyle. Members of the program also receive Wheelin' Sportsmen a full-color magazine dedicated to the education and entertainment of outdoors enthusiasts with disabilities.

"Getting people involved and helping them discover a new hobby, or rediscover something they loved to do before an injury is really rewarding," said Illana Burkhart, Wheelin' Sportsmen NWTF program coordinator. "The South Dakota State Chapter put a lot of effort into to making their Wheelin' event special and should be proud of all of their hard work to make the event a success. The Wheelin' program would not be possible without great volunteers, and the folks in South Dakota exemplify the best of the best in volunteering."

Since its founding in 1973, the NWTF's volunteers have made continual advancements in wild turkey conservation and protecting North America's hunting traditions. The National Convention and Sport Show is a time when the Federation's most dedicated volunteers gather to talk turkey and fellowship.

For tens of thousands of hunters who attended the convention and sport show, the plethora of seminars held throughout the weekend represented a chance to discover the edge they need to bag that boss tom, gain expert insight through question-and-answer sessions with the pros, introduce newcomers to hunting and much more.

But the convention and sport show is not designed just for hunters; a special section of the convention hall called The Roost features areas for Wheelin' Sportsmen members to those with disabilities discover new outdoor hobbies. The Roost also hosted entertaining and encouraging seminars custom-tailored to help women and youth to have fun and learn about wildlife and the outdoors.
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