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son got first bow kill

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son gets first bow kill on saturday night. what a great time!!! was wondering how to post picks ?????? any help would be appreciated proud dad.
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WE hunt in PA . Private property in 5D.
thanks for the info mack .i will have him do it when he comes in he is better at this computer stuff than me.
Thanks guys, thats me in that picture, it was an exciting experience for me. It was quite amazing for it to be my first deer with a bow, and my first buck. I go during the regular PA firearms season and have never seen a buck. First 2 seasons archery and ive seen at likes 5 or 6.
imb, during the firearms we hunt in WMU 3A, during archery season we hunt in WMU 5D.
drag, we hunt in roxboro and we just got picked to hunt in neshaminey state park ( lottery ).
for my son. since he filled his tag saturday!!!! theres not that many big buck left there they have done a good job on them past 2 years. but it close to home easy spot to get him in after school!!
thanks guys all the support will help keep kids interestd. have to get him his own screen name.
1 - 10 of 31 Posts
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