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Willife Conservation and Management:

On average nationwide, sportsmen and sportswomen provide 77 percent of the annual income of state fish and wildlife agencies. Thats a whopping 77 cents out of every dollar.

In the early 1900's "Market Hunting" nearly wiped out the buffalo and later many other game species to include the beaver,fox, turkey, and yes...even the Whitetail Deer.

Aldo Leopold (naturalist, professional forester, and one of the first professors of wildlife biology made a detailed, careful study about wildlife. His work resulted in the coinage of such terms as "migratory game", "wilderness game", and a host of others we are all now familiar with.

His work was a major contributing factor in the development and passage of the Pittman-Robertson Act which was signed into law by President FDR in 1937.

From that one singular legislative act, we - as a nation - have turned the tide of extinction away from much of the wilderness game we all now enjoy hunting.

Every hunter should know of this history. Because to forget such historical happenings is to hazard us to repeating the same problems in the future.

As for those who feel hunting is harmful to the overall growth and survival of wilderness game, it may be helpful to recognize that legal hunting ranks 4th (behind starvation, disease/parasites, accidents, and harsh weather in that order) in the death of wilderness animals.

More game die from starvation and parasites/disease than all of hunting combined. And, more than 40,000 Whitetail Deer are killed annually as the result of accidental "hits" by vehicles.

These are the facts. Hunters take animals only from the annual surplus that would be lost anyway to limited habitat and the forementioned factors.

Wildlife Conservation has, as an integral factor in its equation, the legal hunting and taking of animals.

Ask anyone who raises "wilderness animals" what effort is required in establishing and maintaining habitat, reduction of disease/parasite effectation, and providing cover sufficneit from harsh weather. It is costly and takes an enormous amount of knowledge, skill, time and dedication.

Lastly, public hunting lands such as WMA's (Wildlife Management Areas) are collective efforts on the part of private and public lands/landowners to set aside enough geography to develop and maintain habitat for certain species of wild game.

To keep these populations within proper numbers, the public is permitted to hunts these lands. Some states even have periodic "either-sex" seasons simply because the overall population has grown beyond the limits of the habitat in which they live.

Please bear all this in mind..Hunting is a privilege, it is not a right. Every time you buy your hunting license, a portion of that money goes directly towards Conservation and Management. The taxes you pay for hunting sports equipment, firearms, ammo, etc., also supports this effort.
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