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I will make it short:

I really would like to go for small game in Black River WMA, some saturday morning, using
my Air Rifle, in order to get familiar with the zone and maybe get ready for shotgun season:

1. After some complaints about hunting being ruined, I just wonder about the best time to get into the woods
WITHOUT messing with fellow hunters already on the field, what is the best time to go?
Would I be safe if I keep myself on main trail only?

2. Speaking about BR WMA, what if I just want to go for squirrels and I just want to have a sit under a tree,
I wonder if exist some safe place in order to not bother other hunters? not familiar with the zone yet but I am
willing to. (already have my basic rifle permit btw)

3. I am curious about this stuff: I think NJ Deer is very familiar with humans and their nature (noise, smell, habits),
I can see deer feeding just besides busy highways, walking in the neighborhood, in the backyards and front porches. So why
people complaints when some hunter crosses in front of their setups claiming the guy is going to send the deer far away when the
deer is so used to hikers, cyclist and joggers? I have been very close to some deer (about 20 yards) when hiking with kids
and they didn't look scared at all. They know us as well as we know them, sometimes it looks to me some guys really
take this things a little bit too much, I am just trying to understand deer and hunters, and looking for a legit justification for some
human behavior. Is my point valid? or I am just talking some bs

Learning, thank you for your support.
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