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For those who has not hunted in NJ or is just starting to hunt in NJ. These should be the same in 2005. If different the New Regulations will be posted.

Bow = Long, Recurve, Compound
35 pounds pull @ Archers Draw length ( long, recurve) or peak weight (compound)
Arrows must be fitter with a well-sharpened METALbroadhead with a minimun width of 3/4"
Hand held release devices are permitted

Muzzleloader = Rifle,Smoothbore, Single-barrel, Single-shot. Flintlock, Percussion and In-line permitted. (DOUBLE-BARREL PROHIBITED)
Rifle- not less than .44cal
Smoothbore- not smaller than 20 gauge and not larger than 10 gauge
Must be loaded with a single projectile only
Telescopic sights permitted

ShotGun = Single or Double barrel, Rifled bore or Smoothbore
Not smaller than 20 Gauge and larger than 10 Gauge, Capable of holding no more than 3 Shells
Slug- Lead,Lead alloy or Copper Rifled slug or Sabot Slug
BuckShot- Not smaller than #4 (0.24" ) not larger than #000 (0.36" )
ShotGun must have an adjustable open iron sight or scope affixed if hunting with or in possession of slug
Muzzleloader ShotGun = single or Double Barrle, Smoothbore ONLY
not smaller than 20 Gauge not larger than 10 Gauge
Buckshot- not smaller than #4 (0.24" ) not Larger than #000 (0.36" )

Six-Day Firearm = same as Shotgun/Muzzleloader ShotGun
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