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Sat with my buddy tonight on a private piece of 50 aceres and asks me to shoot a doe if I see one. No problem. I seen 28 does not one set of horns so at last light I pic the biggest one. In right out left broke the off side leg bone and still got full pass threw. I decided to try the carbon express cut on contact 4 blades. Quad pro. I was a muzzy 3 blade shooter but after my 7 pointer the shops buy me didn't have them so I figured for 12 bucks id give the carbon express a try they had the exact point of impact add the muzzy when I shoot them into target as well as field points Nose Snout
entrance Skin Close-up Nose Forehead Lip
exit Flesh Meat Venison Red meat Food
broken leg bone that broad head did. The broad head is still in perfect condition and will touch up with stone and hunt it again. Just thought id share my experience with these broad heads
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