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I am hosting a social get together for the NJCSD (New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense) and those that might be interested in getting involved with this group.

If any of you guys want to use this time to come on down to check the club out you are more than welcome to do so. Please take this post as my personal invitation to you.

Show up around 12:00 noon on Saturday.

The 50 yard range is open for free to those that show up and will be operational between 12:00 noon and 4:30pm.

You can shoot rifle, shotgun, and pistol at the range. Bring down your bows if you want to shoot them as well BUT bring your own guns/ammo/targets/stapler/etc.

Make sure what you bring is Jersey legal.

After 4:30pm we will be watching some sort of shoot'em up movie in the club house and you are more than welcome to hang out.

Once a good sized group arrives we will all throw in for pizzas or something like that.


At mile marker 14/5 traveling on Rt.72E make a right.
At mile marker 14/5 traveling on Rt.72W make a left.

The club cannot be seen from the road. The driveway is almost directly across from Howardsville Rd.

Hope some of you can stop on down and say hi.

Club Website:

Ray Woodrow 3rd
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