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So many zones what do I do?

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Wow, after reading the regulations and having private land as well as other spots to hunt this season, I realize what the hell do I do this year?

I'm going to need a second mortgage to pay for all the different zone permits, especially since I have my shotgun and my firearms hunting license this year.

At least last year it was just the bow.

Do you guys stick to one zone or travel around?
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I always vote for the spot that is closet to my home. Why? Because that is the spot you'll have the chance to spend the most time in before, during and after the season. The more intimate you are with your hunting ground, the better the odds of success.

If you travel here and there and everywhere, odds are that you wont truly learn the habits of any one given deer herd in any one place.

So, stick to one or two places close to your house, learn where every cut, funnel, bedding area and feeding areas are. Familiarze yourself with the land well enough that you can navigate it in the dark without a flashlight and I think it'll pay off for ya.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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