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snickers ad on tv

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Last night watching tv a saw the ad for snickers. Did anyone else see it? It was a hunting episode were a buck comes out of the brush,and these guys jump out and throw snickers at it. What is everyone outake of it. Myself thought is was funny.
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stupid.... should have just opened the candy and wait till the deer started eating it then jump the deer.......

Definately not filmed in NJ. They would have been overrun by bears.
Typical TV, when the hiker ( probably a ANTI ) finally came to the bait ( snickers ) they cut the video just before the shot was taken :D:D:D
I thought it was a knock on hunters, as all the guys throwing the Snickers looked a little goofy????
thats how the Anti's hunt... They didn't want to hurt the animal.
I did not see it, however, my wife did and told me about it. She said the punch line was something like, "not the same unless you get to eat it", which I think is great for hunters. Kind of like the people who "hunt" game with a camera.

I bet they get tons of anti backlash.

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