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Was home for Thanksgiving break from school..

Wednesday I hunted our wood duck hole with the hopes of receded water only to find it higher than I imagined. Still wadeable, I jumped only one pair of mallards, drop the drake, missed the hen. Lost the drake however in some thick stuff. Had a family of otters swim by me though real close so that was sweet. Did some recon to a few places & found a good concentration of geese & ducks for Thanksgiving.

Thursday comes & with my luck, someone had beat me to plan A so drove 5 mins down to plan B. Kinda frustrating since duck/goose combo was now just a field hunt for geese & I had hardly a rig with me. Only had 1 flock of 3 commit & popped one. Not much flying..

Today we hit the river & hunted the incoming. Lots of birds moving the 1st hour, pintails, blacks, mallards, and teal. Birds knew where they wanted to go though, we had one pair of mallards in the dekes & knock down the hen with 3 shots betweeen me & dad, still flew away [wallmad]. Her & the drake must've been wearin their kevlar, I'm sure they're hurtin. Oh well, slow & frustrating season so far. Really hoping for a cold push by the time I come home in a couple weeks & stuff starts freezing up. Can't beat the sunrises I've caught the past few days though. [up]

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