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Shot at Pequest 3D range today

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Very nice casual layout. Can't beat the price. Bring the family and have a great time!
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I will have to agree.Nice lay-out.The deer next to the last one was set up nice,a couple of obstacles in the way.I found the targets quite hard.It was hard to pull my arrows,the turkey target took me at least 5 minutes to get it out.Does anyone know what the turn put was like? I was only the third person there,with a guy and his girlfriend getting ready to shoot.Overall a good day.I watched a few women fly fishing in the educational pond.
I was right after the guy and his girlfriend.

I shot that turkey before so I skipped it today. It grabs your arrows and won't let go. The rest of the targets were not too hard to pull.

I had a good shot at the last target but my son "rang the bell". 1/2" steel is tough on arrows.....

We definately need to take advantage of this layout. If they don't get good response it probably won't last.
from what I heard is that a few guys were going to shoot in the afternoon. It was hot so many guys might not of came out. The closer to the season,it gets the more guys might come out.
Get yourself a bottle of kids bubbles and dip your arrow in it before you shoot,it doesn't effect your shot and it makes it a hell of a lot easier to pull your arrows out of the targets.
I use the Gold Tip practice tips. They are MUCH easier to pull from almost any target.
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