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self butchering

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I do my own butchering, but sometimes I take it a butcher to help out when I don't have the time. I don't really have just one..
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Ours get meticulously cleaned too, but I don't do it alone. It takes me and my brother about 2 hours from skinning to disposal and cleaning up the shop.

You guys need to get a helping hand, makes it more fun and goes much quicker.
I cut very thin peices of meat from the rear hams. I then use a block hammer to flatten the meat like a thin veal cutlet. Then mix some milk with egg, pepper salt and gralic power. First dip the thin fillets in to baking power, then into the egg mix. next dip the wet meat into seasoned bread crumbs. Heat up a pan with olive oil, and fry the meat about one minute each side. The best veal/deer cutlets in the world. Extra good if the meat comes from a young deer.
I worked in a slaughter house in Newark for three years. Been hunting for over 40. I have never ever had a "BUTCHER" touch any one of my deer's.

I'm willing to get together with the rest of the members here that know how to, and teach those that want to learn. I'm sure we all can learn some new tricks, and teach our knowledge to the rest.

Just let me know when and were.

Dan that's a really great video. I think I'm going to do mine that way this year. He cleaned that deer off in like 5 minutes a side.
I used to do my own butchering but I found an easier way. I tag them, hang them in Rugmans yard, then go to work. By the time I get home they are cleaned and ready for wrapping. [rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl]
By the time I get home they are cleaned and ready for wrapping.
Knowing Arty they're probably half eaten too![rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl]
Thats a good video, pretty much the way I do it. To get hair off the deer, use warm water on a terry cloth towel and wipe the deer down. Just don't let Mama see you using her towels. My wife helps with the cubing, grinding, freezer wrapping, and labeling. It pays to marry farm girls.
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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