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self butchering

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I do my own butchering, but sometimes I take it a butcher to help out when I don't have the time. I don't really have just one..
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Im with WW and a few others on this one!
I cant afford $65 dollars a deer or more. I learned about 6 years ago, first from a friend, and then hands on with a book to help. Its not hard, and it should take about 5-7 hours like WW said.

I dont buy labels, but I just use simple codes. Like S-05 (Steak 2005). I try to get someone help me wrap and label it though, I hate that part.

I have a small grinder, and I like hamburgers, so it sees a lot of use.;) I think its a #12, but I cant remember now.

You also need a few good knives and a sharpener. YOU MUST know how to really sharpen a knife. A semi sharp knife will take all day and night to butcher a deer. They dull as you go, so have extras.

Cuts are simple and even without a book or video, you could probably figure it out, the muscle and sections sort of separate themselves. Leave the silver skin on for protects the meat.

Next deer ya get, Id offer to help, but I think Im gonna have to a...umm...organize my sock drawer that day!:p:D

In other words, it aint fun! Its work! Then again I dont drink beer, so maybe thats the ingredient Im missing to make it fun. Either way Im always VERY READY to grill up the backstraps by the time Im done! MMMmmmmm...backstraps....[up]
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1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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