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self butchering

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I do my own butchering, but sometimes I take it a butcher to help out when I don't have the time. I don't really have just one..
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I've been doing it for 20 yrs. Only had 3 done by a butcher out of 100+ deer. I've kept records and it takes from start to finish 5 to 7 hour. This is from the time knife hits it to last package marked and in freezer. Some very time saving things.
1) Quarter and debone before making any choice cuts
2) Learn to wrap correctly
3) buy stamps for type of cut, & date. Writing the same thing 40+ times is a time killer and boring.
4) don't buy a monster #32 grinder a #12 or #22 are fine. Unless you do more then 8+ deer per year.
5) package correctly. Flatten all packages before freezing, save alot of room. Also, give your package a little room for a day or two. They will freeze quicker. Which is inportant.

Check out LEM products. Books and videos. He also has everything you could want in gear. I'd buy one of his video before starting. Learn to do it right first. Then you will be faster and with better cuts.

Till our trails cross,

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1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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