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Seeking someone to skin a small mammal near NYC. Trapper, hunter?

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I was planning on skinning my little animal myself, but I think I would rather have it done well, not be my half-assed first attempt experiment.

I want it for a pelt not a taxidermy mount. Extra good if someone can tan it also.

I am over in Brooklyn. Not too many trappers nearby. NJ is probably the nearest serious nature.

Anybody want to help me with this? I can pay (not too much). I can travel to you by train, if that works.

Thank you.
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Your little a animal??? What are you referring to??
;Did it put the lotion on ? Jk what species is that animal? Be careful that u don't violate fish & game laws
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Skin your little animal?? Go over to the snoozer site and talk to axiom..he the best around
i only skin turtle -any thing else $35 an hour let me know[smoke]
Somebody's Precious Pet Poodle ??? [ninja]
Loon Alert !!!
i only skin turtle -any thing else $35 an hour let me know[smoke]

You beat me. I get $50+ a hour plus fuel cost.[hihi]
No one here is licensed to skin mamals in NY I would call fish and game for NY state or the NYPD give them your name address and ph they will most likely sent someone to help you with this. Best of luck.
don't forget parking and trolls ... I mean tolls


"Can someone please skin my little animal?"

Maybe he needs the skin to finish the "skin Flute" he's been working on for himself. Surely one of you can help him out. :ninja:
Whoa, a lot of trolls here.

Tho turtle skin sounds interesting.

The mammal in question is a cat. Bigger than a squirrel, smaller than a raccoon.

Does a person really need a state license to skin this?
I think its Buffalo Bill and he wants his little dog Precious skined cause he only does people.:attack: (From Silence of the Lambs)[lol]
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lol cmon man your first post on a forum is about askin someone to skin your small mammal...LMFAO...
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