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Many hunters shoot themselves in the metaphorical foot with cover scents.

I’m not saying cover scents are a bad idea. In fact, I use earth scents religiously. However, I do something a little different and I’m confident it makes a big difference.

Whenever I visit my hunting areas (stands, cams, scouting etc) I leave behind a cover scent wafer. Why?? Well, the key to harvesting mature bucks is making them feel comfortable with the sights, sounds and scents in their woods (in reverse order of importance).

Getting the deer accustom to my cover scent makes them ignore it when I’m in the stand. I’ve found some wafers linger for several days. That’s long enough to make a difference, especially when you freshen it up every time you visit the area.

Obviously, the idea of cover scent is to smell natural in the woods but even my nose can tell the difference between a scent wafer and the real thing. If I can tell the difference, you can bet big money a mature whitetail can.

This tip requires spending a little more on scents but, if it fits your budget, I’m confident it will make a difference.

Live for the chase!

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