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Season shot to hell

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So, I pretty much retired from rabbit hunting and field trialing last season (my life long passion), due to a lot of bad luck, a dead puppy and the loss of land. Decided to make a clean cut of it and get back into bow hunting. My neighbor gave me permission to hunt the 22 acres behind his/my house. A great peice of land. Bought 2 nice ladder stands. Spent hours and hours and hours of prepertaion. Baited, bought new arrows, bought new camo., bought new boots, new broad heads, a target to practice with. Washed the clothes in hunters wash, everything ready to go for today and tomorrow (my first days off in only God knows how long). Went fishing (Manasquan Res.) in the morning, left there early to be back at my house and in the woods by 2:30 and figured I would stay out till dark and then get out all day tomorrow. Got to my stand at exactly 2:30, only not to be able to find my stand. You guessed it, stolen. I cursed and stared in amazement for about 10 minutes. Looked at my bait that was down that was all torn up and then walked out and around to my second stand (my better stand, but wanted to save it until Nov.). Got there (about 300-400 yards away), and guess what. They stole that one too. I'm not sure if I actually cried, but it felt like someone stabbed me in the stomach. Went home, and have been brewing about it ever since. The only thing I can do now is build a permanent stand, but I am so disgusted that I doubt I can muster up the energy, determination and time to do it over again. I hope I find them so I can hurt them.
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You all are making a really mistaken assumption. You call these bastards hunters. They're not hunters they are theives at best and I can't name the worst in this forum. Just be on the lookout for the stands somewhere else. I found mine 4 miles from where it was stolen and left a very smelly calling card after I retreived the stand. What else can you do but shoot them.
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